Horusec - Brazilian SAST help World
2022-08-13, 15:00–15:15 (US/Pacific), Talks (Virtual)

Presentation of the Horusec tool (https://github.com/ZupIT/horusec) that was developed by ZUP IT in Brazil to help companies identify security problems in the most common languages still in a development environment or the IDE.

Demonstrate how Horusec can help and how easy it is to get started. Show the evolutions of the latest version and invite people to contribute. Show the case of Log4j where we became Top Trend on Twitter because of the detection and after that several big companies started using it.

Demonstrate from installation to configuration to detection and how AppSec and BlueTeam times can benefit.

Gilmar works with information security2006. He was a Marine in the Brazilian Navy, worked in large telecom and payments companies. He is currently Vice President of Information Security and coordinates some research fronts in addition to the day to day of Cyber.